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3 Reasons Why Truck Fleet Service and Maintenance is Important

Whether you run a trucking company or business that utilizes a fleet of vehicles, there is a certain level of importance that you should place on proper truck fleet service and maintenance. 

At Precision Fleet Services we believe that fleet maintenance is the best practice for keeping your service vehicles in great condition so that you can avoid breakdowns. 

Having a scheduled maintenance schedule allows you to spend less time without vehicles that you need to keep you out there doing what your company does best.  So, what are the top 3 reasons why truck fleet service and maintenance are so important?

It Keeps Your Drivers Safe

Many fleet service and maintenance appointments prevent breakdowns that can cause accidents, such as worn out tires, blowouts, faulty brakes, and even steering or suspension issues. 

Reduces Operational Cost

Preventative maintenance and service for your truck fleet prevents major repairs that can cause a significant repercussion to your business’s wallet.  At Precision Fleet Services we go out of our way to provide vehicle inspections that allow you to identify maintenance and repair opportunities before they become a serious problem.

Manages Business Downtime

If you need one of your fleet vehicles for an important job, and then it breaks down, it means that you aren’t able to make money while the vehicle is out for repairs. You can manage your business downtime by ensuring that your vehicle is in top condition, and any more serious repairs are able to be scheduled before the truck breaks down.

We Promise You the Best

We promise to be the best with communication, repairs and ETA’s. No one wants to be stuck waiting. We dedicate ourselves to deliver professional mechanic work, diagnostic work, tire replacement and roadside assistance. We want you to be fully satisfied with our work and the cost of your repair. We always have the best rates and best service!